Up-Level Your Singing Technique Using Sensory Awareness In Your Body

Having a present moment sensory awareness of your body while you sing is a MAJOR key ingredient to your ability to take your singing to that next level.
One thing I know for sure: you can not change what you are not aware of. 
So an essential component of singing to your potential, and the thing that has the biggest effect on how successful you are in doing so, is your ability to be present to ALL the sensations of your singing in your body in the moment (both the efficient and the inefficient).
Rather then writing a lengthy blog, today I’m pulling back the curtain and taking you inside my studio to be a fly on the wall as I work with one of my students on this very thing – returning to the present moment sensory awareness of her body while singing. 
In today’s video you will learn one of the exact step-by-step methods I use (that you can use too!) linking present moment sensory awareness to your vocal technique.
Spoiler alert! This video isn’t filled with sexy high notes, power belting or fast  passage work designed to impress you. Nope. This is the nitty-gritty work. It ain’t flashy – it’s foundational. 
This is the work you do when you are really ready to humble yourself and get under the hood to make real changes. This is the work that can really take your singing to the next level.
I’m so grateful to my student Kay for letting me share this small part of her lesson and her journey with you. 

Watch the video and let me know here in the comments if you have any questions about taking this step-by-step approach in your own practice.

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