Improve Your Breath Support With These Two Singing Hacks

Today I’m bringing you two short and sweet technical tips to help you achieve a more reliable breath support.

To improve your breath support, it all begins with words. That’s right. . . . not the air, not your diaphragm, not your lungs. . . . words!

The words we use to direct ourselves in our technique and around our support REALLY matter. 

Changing words shifts understanding. A new understanding shifts mindset. And a new mindset results in a new physical response which helps your body work for you instead of against you in accessing your most efficient singing technique.

I love clever life hacks (who knew a balled up piece of tin foil makes a great substitute for steel wool??).

Consider these breath support tips my version of clever singing hacks.

They are achieved by merely changing a few words!

Watch the video.

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And if you’d like a more in depth understanding of how to achieve proper breath support for singing, check out some of my earlier posts and accompanying videos on the topic:

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If you find today’s post helpful, please forward it to other singers in your life who could benefit from this wisdom. Let them know you support them and expand the community of compassionate rather then competitive singers.

Remember, you are never alone on your journey towards better singing. This community is right here with you — doing our best to learn, grow and sing with intention and integrity.

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