Breathing For Singing, A Tip: Don’t Ignore What’s Behind You!!

Do you ever feel like your breathing for singing doesn’t work the way you want it to?

Do you ever feel like you understand how your breath support is supposed to happen, but then it fails you when you get into a phrase?

It could be that you are ignoring one VERY important element of your singing technique that could make all the difference in the world:

Your back!

In today’s blog video I explain why the back is so essential in breathing for singing and supporting your sound.

Once I became aware of my back and understood how to use it when I sing, everything became easier. If you’ve never paid attention to this part of your body in your singing, hold onto your shirt cause everything is about to become a whole lot better!

Watch now and learn:

  • Exercises for how to access the full expansion of your back on the inhale
  • Understanding why you shouldn’t focus on your front body when you breathe
  • Exercises for how to employ your back to sing longer phrases without getting out of breath
  • How using your back will help you achieve a clearer resonance
  • And so much more . . . .

I’m really excited to show you how this often overlooked part of your body can make all the difference in your singing. Once you’ve had the chance to watch, head on over to the blog comments below and tell me:

How does your breathing and support feel different when you are employing your back?

Share in as much detail as possible in your reply. So many singers come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your experience with this technique may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

If you found today’s video helpful, please forward this post to other singers in your life who could benefit from this wisdom. Let them know you support them and expand the community of compassionate rather then competitive singers.

Remember, you are never alone on your journey towards better singing. This community is right here with you — doing our best to learn, grow and sing with all our hearts.





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