The Mind/Body Effect On Singing Technique – Before & After

Let’s be honest. . . . if there were a pill that could magically improve your singing, I’m pretty sure all of us would take it.

Who wouldn’t want to skip the periods of self doubt and angst we go through as we struggle to improve our singing? But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be such a struggle. The more time I spend working with the mind/body effect on singing technique, the more I am convinced of this:

The “magical pill” to unlocking the consistency and growth we all want in our singing is in understanding how to use Present Moment Awareness to step out of the old story of what’s wrong and into what’s possible for your voice.

Watch this “Before and After” video to see how Present Moment Awareness works in action with my student Carly. The difference in her sound, in how she is able to use her technique and in the way she feels when singing this way is truly wonderful.


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There’s a quote that I love: “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present”.

We singers are SO very good at being in our head when we sing. When we approach part of a song that’s difficult for us, rarely, if ever, are we in the present moment. Most of us are either stuck in the past (re-experiencing the trauma of the times it went badly before) or worrying about the future (unsure if we’re going to be able to do it better this time).

Our body has a physical reaction to being in the spin of past trauma and future fear which prevents us from accessing our most efficient singing technique.

However, when we focus on staying in the present moment of every note, we allow the body to work for us rather then against us when we sing.

This is not just touchy feely, woo-woo, zen master alchemy. It really works! I see it everyday in my studio and in my own singing.

Try it out in your singing. See if you can identify when you are in the old story of past trauma or future worry, then head on over to the blog and share your experience of what if feels like to use the techniques in the video to let that do and sing from Present Moment Awareness.

If you found today’s video helpful, please forward this post to other singers in your life who could benefit from this conversation. Let them know you support them and help me expand the community of singers working towards a deeper mind/body connection.

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  1. I love this and do experience this in my own singing journey. Embracing change in all ways can unlock the key to realizing how to be present and where that space exists. I know I am always relating to the feeling and going back to it…so I have to remind myself that I don’t necessarily know how its going to feel so I can let myself actually sense the feeling as its happening and let it happen. It is amazing how things are different when we are able to be truly present.


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