Your Valentine’s gift

Happy Valentine’s Day! On this day that’s all about love, I can’t help but notice that the majority of singers I know are not very loving towards themselves. You’re SO hard on yourself!! So today I want to give you a gift – a tool to quiet your inner critic and reconnect you back to love, sound and song. Before we go any further, I wonder . . . .have you ever sat down and really paid attention to what your inner voice says to you? For a lot of us, that voice is pretty damn harsh. It LOVES to criticize. It constantly tells us how much we are lacking, reminds us of all the ways it thinks we are bad or wrong, berates us for doing too little or too much, and it is rarely satisfied. Here’s what I want you to know: When you hear that critical voice,  it’s not you. It is not the voice of your true self and it’s not the voice of love. It’s the voice of your ego, otherwise known as your “inner-critic”. The voice of the true self so often gets drowned out by the ego/inner-critic that at times the inner-critic is the only voice