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Interested in doing The 4 Month Intensive? Don’t miss this!

I’m thrilled to announce that today, I’m opening up a big discount on The 4 Month Intensive and the Second Level Intensive only to members of my Virtual Voice Studio. It’s TIME SENSITIVE so watch this video now for the details! My Intensives have helped singers just like you, who are ready and hungry for a change. As life has proven to me again and again: If you want different results, then you have to try a different approach. Most of us need a good jumpstart to create real lasting change in our singing.  The Intensive could be that for you if you are ready to: Tap into your full singing potential Acknowledge yourself as someone ready to invest in the future of your singing Stop playing small and let go of your story Create a soul-centered relationships with your talent Be vulnerable Do what you say you are going to do Make commitments and take action This type of results focused work is not taught by most voice teachers. Integrating the mind/body experience with vocal technique is not a skill that most singers realize they even need! (Hint: If you’re working your tail off, but can’t figure out why you’re still not singing