Why Traditional Training is Failing You

Here’s a TRUTH BOMB for you:

Your singing has been unwittingly set up for failure. . . and you don’t even know it.

I KNOW you dream about a day when you have finally built a big, sustainable singing career.

A day when you give consistently impactful performances that win auditions, sell out tours and make award winning albums… WITHOUT burning yourself out, resorting to industry fads or having to be someone you’re not just to get noticed.

And there’s so much frustration and anxiety because you’ve been training and hustling for so long and you’re not seeing the results of that work in the form of the thriving career you want.

  • You KNOW you’ve got talent but you feel overlooked as other singers get the gigs.
  • You find yourself getting more and more in your head and questioning if you’re really good enough to make it.
  • You’re scared of quitting but you’re also scared of this being as good as gets….of never being able to get to that next level.

Don’t worry, it’s normal. The bigger the dream the bigger the fear.

But here’s the problem: You have been unwittingly set up for failure – and it’s not your fault!

The rotten truth is that the way singers are traditionally trained in this country does not work to create viable, successful singers.

Odds are that you’ve been a casualty of this flawed system and you didn’t even know it!

In this week’s episode of The Pro Singer Success Collective on YouTube, I talk about how we got here and the things you can do which actually get results to move you forward.

Click below to watch!

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