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Come To An Online Group Coaching Class With Me

Introducing my Live Group Online Vocal Coaching Classes!! Here’s how I feel right now:   I feel 12 cups of coffee, double rainbow, pile-of-puppies excited. And I hope you do too, because if you’ve been wanting to coach with me one-on-one but your budget has been a little tight, here’s a way we can work together: My Live Group Online Vocal Coaching Class You get to learn my secret sauce right from the source so you can avoid the mistakes and habits even smart singers make. Are you PUMPED?!?!?! I’ve been leveraging these techniques for a long time, but have never shared them in this kind of online group format. Which is crazy, I know!! But technology now makes it so easy for me to give you individualized attention in a group setting in this online vocal coaching class. You’ll leave each class with some clear, actionable tools for your vocal technique that will help move you closer to singing with your full potential. If you’ve already registered, you’re SO on it! I’ll see you in class. If you haven’t registered. . . .what are you waiting for??? I will be holding these classes regularly so join my free Virtual Voice Studio HERE to get notified about

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How Smiling Will Improve Your Singing

Have you ever noticed that really great singers always seem to be smiling when they sing? (From top Left: Beyonce, Joan Sutherland, Pavarotti, Sam Smith, Audra McDonald, Placido Domingo, Sutton Foster) Are they all just perpetually happy? Are they smiling because their singing technique is so damn great? Au contraire mon frère – their singing technique is so damn great because they’re smiling!! It doesn’t matter if it’s Beyonce or Joan Southerland, great singers across the board know that the secret to great resonance has to do with “the smile”. Whether they’re opera singers, pop singers or musical theater performers, when the camera clicks mid-phrase, they all look the same, they’ve all got “the smile”. You too can improve your singing resonance by incorporating the idea of “the smile”. When a singer has “the smile”, it’s important to understand that it’s really not about showing off your pearly whites and saying cheese. It’s actually about the shape you achieve on of the inside of your mouth when the outside of your face appears to be smiling. It’s that shape which has the biggest effect on your ability to create an amazing, resonant sound easily. Do you want to know what the