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Free Live Masterclass!

There’s some powerful jet fuel for your voice and career that most singers are not aware of. As we come to the end of the year, I really want to set you up to win in 2021. It looks like there will be a vaccine, the virus will be on its way out, and we will all be able to get back out there performing/auditioning/touring again at some point in 2021. Are you ready?? Imagine being able to make a bigger impact with your voice and having a higher level career than before this whole Covid mess started. It’s totally possible. . . .IF you’ve got the right fuel in your rocket. Please join me for a special Free, Live Masterclass this Sunday, Dec 13th at 3pm PST / 6pm EST:   THE 5 SHIFTS to Give Impactful Performances that Win Auditions, Sell Out Tours, Make Award Winning Albums and Build Big, Sustainable Singing Careers   In This Free Masterclass You’ll Discover. . . . The step-by-step strategy my singers use to access a higher level of technique, artistry and performance that builds big, sustainable careers without practicing any more than they do right now. The real reason why traditional