This matters MORE then talent. . . .

If you’ve been a member of my tribe for a while now, you know that one of the things that feeds my soul is gardening. Every summer I do a vegetable garden with my daughter (who’s now 6yrs old – just. can’t. handle.)
I was out in my garden this morning picking more cucumbers then I know what to do with (have any good pickle recipes??) and so many luscious tomatoes (salsa anyone??) and I was thinking about the mindset of a gardener – how we plant seeds, patiently and diligently tend them daily with water, the right amount of sunlight, careful to mind for weeds and pests, giving them strength and longevity with compost and fertilizer to ensure that these seeds grow into hearty, robust plants that will yield the most amazing fruits.
We know we can’t rush the process – the seeds sprout and blossom in their own time – but if we are consistent in our care and cultivation, the fruits of our labor will be bountiful and rewarding.
I think you know where I’m going with this. I can find singing metaphors in just about anything!!  And this one hits home all the way.
Your voice, your singing, your artistic journey is the garden and you are the gardener.
Ask yourself:
Which kind of gardener am I? (And let’s get super honest here)
Gardener #1: I tend to the garden of my singing regularly and consistently by seeking out high quality training, practicing regularly, addressing the issues that may be holding me back and taking advantage of performing opportunities.
Gardener #2: I tend my garden sometimes, but not on any real consistent basis. I don’t have a teacher I study with regularly, don’t have a practice routine I do diligently and I’m not working to address the issues holding me back in any proactive way.
If you’re Gardener #1, you are giving your garden the best chance to flourish by laying the foundation and giving yourself the best shot at getting where you want to go on your singing journey.
But if you’re Gardener #2 . . . . do I need to point out the obvious?
What kind of crazy gardener would expect to have a bountiful harvest only tending to their plants occasionally whenever they feel like it??? What kind of pazzo gardener would expect a plentiful yield without investing their resources to ensure the best possible outcome??

Since we’re getting REAL here, I’m gonna tough-love you right now because I KNOW each and every one of you has it in you to bear amazing fruits, just like each tomato seedling has the potential to be bountiful. What matters the most is how consistently, regularly and diligently you are tending the seeds of your talent.
The only difference between the seedling that becomes prolific and the one that doesn’t is how that plant is cared for. The one that has a gardener willing to spend time, energy and resources on it’s growth will be bountiful. That one who doesn’t will wither. So don’t be lazy gardener!!!
This matters MORE then your talent.
If you want to experience success on your singing journey, tend to your garden consistently and diligently so that the world gets to share in the bounty of your gifts. 
What can you do TODAY that will tend your garden?

Don’t over think it, just do it!

Here’s some bounty from my garden for a little inspiration for yours!!

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