Anne S Testimonial

Screenshot of a testimonial from Anne S posted to Facebook that reads “Post recording report: Best moment of the day was when my producer (with whom I’ve recorded an album and two singles over last 6 years and who was Tori Amos’ bass player for 15 years among many other credits) said, “Your voice is sounding killer today Anne.” Honestly I could have started crying right then if we didn’t have work to do. I’ve spent so many years knowing I had more power and freedom in my voice and not being able to access it. The frustration has been maddening and as Arden knows I have considered quitting singing completely. So this moment of acknowledgement was huge. That I wasn’t just feeling the change but that it was tangible to someone with whom I’ve worked a lot. Thank you Arden Kaywin and thank you to the whole gang for showing up for your process too. It makes all the difference. As Sarah has affirmed, We’ve come so far!”

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