Grace Theisen FB Post 9_21_20

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Screenshot of a Facebook Post by singer Grace Theisen with the text “TWENTY FREAKING NINE. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BDAY WISHES!!!

What the HECK. While 20’s felt like a sh*t show most the time…THIS past year-year 28-was the first year that I feel like I finally came home to myself.

I moved back to Michigan and it turned out to be the most magical and unexpected year of my life. My sister bought a house and our tiny family consists of us + 3 rescue cats and it’s honestly been a DREAM COME TRUE. I don’t think I could have survived 2020 without this little family and space.

YES. This year has been HARD. It’s been a MASSIVE deconstruction of faith, unlearning white privilege many of us didn’t even KNOW we had and taking a HARD look my life. And in the SAME breath it’s also been the year where I discovered my voice-both literally and physically. I invested in myself in a 3 month vocal program that changed my life. (Arden Kaywin) I joined a 6 month women’s circle in March all about deconstruction of faith (hey @christablackgifford!!!) and both were the best money I have EVER. I have never felt more grounded, safe inside my BODY and in less pain than I have ever been in my life. WITH. NO. PAIN. MEDS. and recorded a record this summer I am so dang proud of.

GUYS. Grief and gratitude… they go hand in hand. One gives way for the other. We can be people who are deeply grieving as well as people who are DEEPLY grateful for the little things. This is what my 20’s have taught me. This is what 28 taught me. How to be resilient BECAUSE of the tools I have been working to stack in my tool box of “how to thrive alongside pain, depression, anxiety, grief.” I use to just want to manage it all. Now I want to thrive in the gratitude of it all. None of this life will ever make sense. None of it is perfect. This year has pummeled us the ground. But all of it is important. Leaning into the pain and the grief will lead to gratitude. It will lead to NEW LIFE. LIGHT. And I am now CONVINCED gratitude is the boat that keeps us afloat amongst the SHIT STORM of life.

And year 29 is dedicated to protecting that boat at all costs. ❤️”

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