make or break a singing career

make or break a singing career, Do you have what it takes for a big time, successful singing career? Do you even know what the most important things are that make or break a singer’s professional career? Hint: It has nothing to do with talent. If you're out there hustling, auditioning, gigging and recording but not breaking into the big leagues.... And you're not sure what else you could possibly be doing to get there..... Does it make you question if you really have what it takes? You KNOW you have this voice, this talent, this potential... But is there something else?? Is there something more that it takes to be a world class artist? In this episode of The Pro Singer Success Collective I'm gonna deconstruct exactly what it takes to own your voice and have an abundant career.... (and how to know when it's time to hang up your cleats). Click this link to watch: THE 5 THINGS THAT MAKE OR BREAK A SINGING CAREER

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