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#1 Superpower of successful singers

THE #1 SUPERPOWER OF Successful Singers NOT TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY   Do you have FOPO… fear of other people’s opinions?  Taking things personally is the #1 killer of dreams and artists that have the power to change lives.  In The Intensive Program, so many of my singers start out with that same paralyzing FEAR…  They’re knowledgeable and talented and want to build a big, sustainable singing career out of their gifts. But they’re STUCK fixating on thoughts like…   What if I’m not really as good as I think I am – what will people say? What if my family think I’m crazy for pursuing this instead of a “stable” career? What if I give it all I’ve got and I never break through? What if I put myself out there and people trash me on social media?   Bottom line is, you can’t be successful singers if you’re worried about haters. Truth is, having a hater is the first sign you’re doing something right. You want to touch people – be that impactful artist. That’s why you’re here! While most people stay frozen in self-doubt… we teach our singers how to turn their fear and self-doubt into their biggest