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What Singers Can Learn From Olympians

Using Mindfulness to Improve Your Singing Technique I’m a huge fan of the Olympics, so as you can guess, I’m in hog heaven right now tuning in each night to see the latest from the Winter Games in South Korea. As I watched legendary snowboard champion Shaun White pull off a come-back to get the gold, it got me thinking, as I often do, about parallels to singing. It occurrs to me that training more like an Olympic athlete can help you improve your singing technique. Singing is an artistic endeavor, but in my view, it is also an athletic endeavor. It involves training your body to do the same thing over and over for a desired outcome just as any athlete does. Physically, it is no different then Shaun White training his body to do the mechanics of his amazing snowboard tricks so that when he gets into the competition, he achieves a peak performance that appears effortless. Just like any athlete, a singer’s body cannot do what her brain is sabotaging. While Olympians and pro athletes figured out a long time ago that in order to achieve success, training their mental game is just as important as training

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The Mind/Body Effect On Singing Technique – Before & After

Let’s be honest. . . . if there were a pill that could magically improve your singing, I’m pretty sure all of us would take it. Who wouldn’t want to skip the periods of self doubt and angst we go through as we struggle to improve our singing? But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be such a struggle. The more time I spend working with the mind/body effect on singing technique, the more I am convinced of this: The “magical pill” to unlocking the consistency and growth we all want in our singing is in understanding how to use Present Moment Awareness to step out of the old story of what’s wrong and into what’s possible for your voice. Watch this “Before and After” video to see how Present Moment Awareness works in action with my student Carly. The difference in her sound, in how she is able to use her technique and in the way she feels when singing this way is truly wonderful.     There’s a quote that I love: “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present”. We singers are SO very good

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The New Years Resolution That Will Have A Significant Effect On Your Singing Technique

Have you ever felt like you intellectually understand the singing technique your teacher gives you, but your body has other ideas when it comes to implementing it correctly or consistently? Do you sometimes worry that maybe this is as good as you’re ever going to sing? If so, you’re not alone. Nearly every singer I know has been through this at one time or another. You’ve become so good at second-guessing, self-doubt and control that you can’t see the forest through the trees. But the solution lies in your ability to internalize two key truths: Singing is a metaphor for life. And as such, the journey is the thing! We never arrive. Our lives are an ever-changing and constantly evolving odyssey and so too is our singing. It is incumbent on us to figure out how to enjoy the journey because if we don’t, then we’re missing the whole point. Changing your thinking = changing your singing. How and what we think about our singing has a direct effect on what our body does to produce the sound, so get under the hood and begin to understand your mindset. We all  have a conditioned set of beliefs (some from our upbringing,

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This Technique Boosting Habit Will Improve Your Singing

The importance of ‘gratitude’ is often discussed this time of year, and I’ve found a way of using gratitude that can be even more powerful when linked to our singing technique. This isn’t just a “woo woo” theory. I use this idea in my studio and in my own singing technique year round and I can attest to the results. You’ll learn exactly what this is all about, and the four steps to implementing it into your singing technique in today’s blog video:     Now I’d love to hear from you. After you’ve done the gratitude and awareness journaling exercise I outline in the video, in the comments below please share your discoveries to these questions: In what ways do I interfere with my body’s efficient design to make sound? (Think about your habits, tensions, ideas of control and manipulation of sound) What would happen if I stepped out of the way? (In what way can gratitude help me entrust my technique to my body’s sound making design?) What feelings come up when I think about the prospect of doing this?   Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. So many singers come here each week

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Eliminate The Fear | A Tool To Build Confidence In Your Singing Technique

Halloween this past week got me thinking about the relationship between fear and singing technique. Ghosts and zombies have nothing on the kind of fear that the opening of Gilda’s aria from Rigoletto used to elicit in me. Seriously. . . . there was a time I would rather walk through Haunted Harbor alone at 2am then to have to sing that passage one more time because it exposed every single insecurity I had about my voice and every weakness in my singing technique at the time. So what do you do when you come to a place in a song that exposes the weakest part of your singing technique?  What’s your reaction when you have to sing in the part of your voice that you are really insecure about? Most of us do one of two things: we play defense and pull back to lessen the impact of what we perceive as bad, or we play offense and plough through, trying too hard in an attempt to force a better outcome.  Both are totally normal reactions to avoid the discomfort of feeling “less then” in the moment.  But here’s the thing, these totally normal reactions to our fear and

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Why You Are Frustrated With Your Singing Technique (And How To Change That)

You are a dedicated singer who has spent years honing good singing technique to improve your voice, but you are frustrated because even with all that training, you are still not singing to your full potential. I’ve been there! There’s a really good reason you are frustrated and one really solid way to change that.  When I was younger, my parents’ bathroom was the site of all my Grammy award winning performances – specifically the shower in that bathroom. Man, I was unstoppable in that shower! I could hit notes in there that were full and sustained like nobody’s business. I remember being so frustrated that nothing ever sounded or felt as good as the songs I sang in that shower. Now, with years of awareness around how the mind / body connection works in singing, I totally understand why singing was easier in that shower. Most people think it’s because the acoustics in the shower are better, but there’s actually another, more powerful reason. When you are in the shower you sing like you just don’t care. Nobody is watching or listening. There is nothing at stake, so you don’t care and you let go. Sound energy responds to

The #1 Thing Most Voice Teachers Don’t Tell Singers

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the #1 thing most voice teachers don’t tell singers is the following: If you really want to improve your singing, the first thing you must do is to start paying attention to the ways you live in and use your body when you are not singing. Let me back up a bit. See, lately I’ve been noticing how things that have nothing to do with singing actually have everything to do with singing (if you read my last blog post about the link between a certain yoga pose and singing technique, you’ll know what I mean). I’m so aware of how the ways we use our body in our everyday lives when we are not singing or even thinking about singing actually has an enormous effect on how we use our body when we are singing. Becoming aware of these physical patterns can make a HUGE difference in our ability to better employ our singing technique and swiftly improve our singing. Take the example of one of my more petite female students. She was in a lesson recently when we discovered that her petite height was the cause of