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3 Exercises To Reduce Tension While Singing

By Arden Kaywin | February 13, 2015

Tension is the enemy of the singer because it blocks the free flow of energy, breath and sound throughout the body. One very important concept for any singer to remember is that your body is your instrument, not your vocal chords. Anything that negatively impacts the open flow of energy and sound through your body will negatively effect the quality of your singing. . . . chief among these is physical tension. When a new

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Out Of Breath Too Soon? Here’s A Singing Tip

By Arden Kaywin | June 12, 2014

Singers – Are You Out Of Breath? Do you feel like you never seem to have enough breath when you sing? Are you constantly grabbing bigger and bigger breaths only to run out of air in the same place each time? If so, the problem may be that your breath quality is affecting your air quantity. Many singers unknowingly approach breathing for singing as a fast manipulation to pull as much air into the body