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The Intensive is a 4 month program of deeply transformational work merging high level vocal training with proven mindfulness practices to help you uncover your most true, consistent, powerful, beautiful and healthy singing.

When you learn how to connect with your inner guidance and remove obstacles and limiting beliefs keeping you from fully embodying your most efficient singing technique, you are able to step into the maximum potential of your voice.


Many of us are unaware of how our brain can unwittingly sabotage our body when we sing.

All people have physical reactions to our thoughts and feelings, it’s just a part of being human. Whatever the cause and whatever the feeling, it lives in our body. And if you’re a singer, that means it also lives in and effects your instrument.

Keeping your instrument in optimum shape means undoing the physical tension. The best way to do that is to understand and address the part your mindset plays in creating that tension.

The Intensive guides you to examine your ideas and beliefs around your voice, your talent, your career, your past experiences and future goals to fully understand how your thinking creates tension that effects your singing

It combines one-on-one weekly voice lessons with guided meditation work, thought exercises, journaling and mindfulness practices. Throughout the Intensive, I facilitate the synthesis of your newfound awareness with your singing technique which translates into real-time transformation of your sound.

The Intensive is broken down into eight modules through which you will uncover the mindset you have around your singing, discover the ways in which this mindset effects your technique, and learn how to discard that which does not serve you to arrive at a deeper trust in your instrument and more efficiency in your vocal technique.

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I am a singer, voice teacher, vocal producer and enthusiastic guide to helping you reach the potential of your voice. I have released two albums, sang with opera companies including Opera Theater of St. Louis, San Francisco Opera, BAM, and Aspen Opera Theater, had a thriving teaching studio for over a decade, served as vocal producer for many recording artists (Radio Killa, Interscope, MySpace Records, Island/Def Jam, Hollywood Records, KidzBop, Zvision) and authored many articles as a featured expert on singing technique and mindfulness. I have a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance from Manhattan School of Music and a Bachelors in Music from Oberlin Conservatory.  (For more details about how I came to do what  do, click HERE

But that’s just what I do. Who I am is creative, compassionate, intuitive and nurturing, My secret is combining my musical and intuitive gifts to teach and encourage singers to step into their full potential. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and am eternally grateful for the work I get to do.

Here’s How the 4 Month Training Program Will Unfold For You:

  • Every two weeks you will receive a new guided meditation mp3 on a different aspect of mindful awareness as it relates to singing. The meditations are 20-30min long and you are encouraged to do the current module meditation once a day.
  • Every other week you will receive a new thought exercise corresponding to the guided meditation topic for that module. The thought exercises are a series of questions for you to journal on challenging you to explore your ideas around those topics. They are a deep dive into your unique patterns of thinking, your past, you goals, your desires, and your perceived obstacles. 
  • Every other week you will share your writing on the thought exercise with me. I will respond with further explorations, mirroring back to you aspects of your thoughts specifically significant to your vocal growth and guiding you to synthesize it with the mindful awareness from the meditations to improve your singing technique. 
  • Once a week we come together for your one-on-one voice lesson. Through vocalizes and technique exercises we will uncover the physical habits and tensions getting in the way of your most efficient singing technique. I guide you in using the mindful awareness you are gaining in the meditations and thought exercises to replace your old habits and tensions with a new, more efficient singing technique. 
  • From time to time, I offer an optional group studio class to all the singers currently enrolled in the Intensive. It’s a great opportunity for you to get up and sing in front of a non-judgmental, compassionate group of singers all going through the same transformational experience you are.

The 4 Month Intensive Training is practical and spiritual. It is mindful and methodical. It is also tailored to the specific needs of each singer. I’m here with you all the way and will do whatever I can to assist you in reaching your fullest vocal potential.


  • Tap into your full potential 
  • Acknowledge yourself as someone ready to invest in the future of your singing 
  • Stop playing small and let go of your story 
  • Create a soul-centered relationships with your talent 
  • Be vulnerable 
  • Do what you say you are going to do 
  • Make commitments and take action

If you’re excited, this resonates with you and you want to learn more, the first step is to fill out an application by clicking here.

From there, I will contact you to schedule a call where we will discuss the program, your current frustrations and goals for your singing and discover if you’re a fit. This program is 100% based on application and invitation. If this resonates, I look forward to hearing from you.

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